“The Odd Appetite are expert virtuoso players.”

- Kyle Gann, The Village Voice (October 10-16, 2001)


“The splendid duo Odd Appetite (Ha-Yang Kim, cello, and Nathan Davis, percussion) illustrates the axiom “good things are worth waiting for.”  And good they were, displaying careful chamber music interaction, a well-tuned ear for ensemble balance, and technical dexterity to burn."

- David Cleary, 21st Century Music (February 2002)


" [Odd Appetite] opened most impressively with Ken Ueno's ''Contemplation on Little Big Muff'' (2000), a sort of compositional ode to a hard rock effects-pedal. Kim, fully electrified, drew one long, tremendous, feedback-seared note from her cello, warm with overtones, a drone that at four times the volume would have cleanly evacuated the minds of everyone present, while Davis, from behind the barricade of his exotic setup (vibes, water glasses) contributed a variety of percussive thumps and twangs.

"Next was their Radiohead cover, ''Like Spinning Plates.'' Radiohead, being the most prominently art-damaged band on the planet, is always having its tunes picked over by fops and sophisticates -- edgy DJs remix them, innovative string quartets rework them and so on --

"Odd Appetite's version of ''Like Spinning Plates,'' however, was no mere piece of cultural traffic: In their hands a downbeat studio noodle became a fully fledged trip. Between the moonsong of his soothed water glasses and the delicate scream of his luminous blue whirly tube (twirled serenely above his head) Davis gave the track its own astral pulse.

" The final piece performed was Matt Tierney's ''Cant'' (2002), which developed from desolate lyricism into poltergeistlike fury, each new lunge of noise anticipated by an intake of breath from the cellist Kim."

- James Parker, Boston Globe (November 8, 2003), excerpted



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