Current Repertoire and Programs

Louis Andriessen - Workers Union (1975)
Nathan Davis - Kebyar Untai (2005)*
Nathan Davis - Crawlspace (2002)*
Dennis DeSantis - Fodder (2001)*
Michael Gandolfi - Cable Ready (1997) (with piano)
Lee Hyla - new work (2008)*
Lee Hyla - The Dream of Innocent III (1987) (with piano)
Ha-Yang Kim - Oon (2004)*
Ha-Yang Kim - Samtak (2006)*
Ha-Yang Kim - Sotong (2005)*
Yannis Kyriakides - Folklore (1992/2005)*
Lei Liang - for a lost stone (2002)*
Cléo Palacio-Quintin - Tableaux de Kandinsky (2003)*
Stefan Poetzsch - Ebene 3.3 (1997)
Larry Polansky - freeHorn (2004)
Radiohead - Like Spinning Plates (2001)
Matt Tierney - Cant (2002*
Stefan Weisman - SuperSoft (2007)*
Christian Wolff - Exercises (1973-75)
Evan Ziporyn - Amok! (1997) (concerto with gamelan)
Evan Ziporyn - new work (2008)*

* written for Odd Appetite

Nathan Davis - Diving Bell (2002) for triangle and electronics
Ha-Yang Kim - Lense (2003) for solo amplified cello
Joe Maneri - Sharaffuddin Makdhum Ul-Mulk (1995) for solo cello
Kaija Saariaho - Près (1993) for cello and electronics (1992)
Kaija Saariaho - Six Japanese Gardens for percussion and electronics (1993)
James Tenney - Cellogram (1971)
James Tenney - Deus Ex Machina (1982)
Iannis Xenakis - Rebonds a,b (1989) for percussion solo
Iannis Xenakis - Kottos (1977) for cello solo

Odd Appetite programs present an exciting balance of visceral energy and delicate soundscape. These concerts feature acoustic and amplified/processed cello, a vast array of pitched and non-pitched percussion, and live computer manipulation, working with the acoustic and technical possibilities of each venue.

Besides playing commissioned pieces, Kim and Davis also write music for the duo. Frequently they will offer pairs of solo pieces by the same composer, such as Xenakis and Saariaho, and also play with guest performers in a trio or other configuration.

Outreach, interaction, and education are essential to the mission of Odd Appetite, and therefore pre- or post- concert discussions with the audience are offered whenever possible.

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